Our story began out of necessity. Founder and President, Gary Lee, was an electrician for an electrical contractor based out of Atlanta working in Florida. After the .COM bust, Gary's company left him with very little work.

Instead of heading back to Atlanta to find work, Gary and his new bride, Pam, decided to go out on their own. At this point, Gary had nearly 32 years of electrical experience and the State License to do so.

Going about it on your own in a highly competitive field is not always easy. Regardless, Gary looked at his work differently than his counterparts. Instead of installing an outlet, he knew he was lighting someone's space. Instead of putting in a generator, he was protecting someone's valuable information. The end result was of greater value than just punching in.


"Yes, there is a lot of science involved in electricity, but I tend to view it more as an art. Being able to creatively design solutions or simple things like unique conduit racks should not just be done, but done in a way that provides for now, the future, and, quite frankly, looks good." - Gary Lee


This kind of approach magnetizes like-minded people. Shortly after going out on his own, Gary hired Shaun Chastain, a young and eager apprentice who wanted to do great work. Shaun worked his way through the ranks to become a master electrician and soon began running jobs.

A few years later, Gary rounded out his leadership team with the addition of Shane Washington. Shane blended in smoothly with the team's unique approach to doing their job because he and Gary felt the same way about their work.

Now, under Gary's leadership, Shaun and Shane are responsible for project management, their team of electricians, and making sure that Performance's passion is embodied in every job they do.


"We thrive on creating a distinctive and unrivaled experience by displaying our imagination, craftsmanship, and sheer pride in every detail of what we do."