DC Power Installations

One mistake could cut off 100,000 data transfers in an instant.

That is an unnerving feeling and certainly a lot of pressure. For this reason, most electrical contractors shy away from working with DC Power.

Yet, it is one of the best solutions for your client's needs. It produces a cleaner current and charges back-up batteries. In the case of an emergency power outage, DC Power will keep things running as if nothing ever happened.

It takes someone with the years of experience and fortitude to handle something so delicate. Fortunately, for you that's us.

We have had members of our team flown to the other side of the United States to work on DC Power projects for only 35 minutes, simply because of our reputation and knowledge base. Couple that with our passion to do great work and you have an assurance that your client's fears of losing precious data or having a surgical room be down can be adverted.